2019 Beginners Program

We have a confirmed start date for our beginners program!

Sept 11th @ 9pm in the Norm Fenn Gym.

See the Intro to Fencing page for all the details about what is expected of you, what you will learn, how much fun you will have etc.

Hope to see lots of new faces on Wednesday Sept 11th @ 9pm in the Norm Fenn Gym



New Practice times posted

Update: Weapon specific practice times have now been posted.

With a new season comes new practice times.  I've posted the new times here

Just a couple of notes, we will be weapon restricting the practices but we haven't worked out which days/times are which weapons.  We will likely be splitting practice two into 1.5 or 2 hour sessions which will be weapon specific(sort of mini practices).  The beginners course will start the week after frosh week and will be held in the Norm Fenn Gym at 9:00pm-10:30 and then on Saturday mornings 10:00- 11:30. So for the first 5-6 weeks those practices are not available as regular practices.  Stay tuned for updates




Successful Beginners Challenge

Last night was the last class in our beginners class for this year.  The class ends with the Dr. John ApSimon Beginners Challenge Tournament.  It fell on Halloween this year but for those that showed up it was a great time!

Congratulations to Lucas, our 2018 Champion.

IMG 20181031 224239

Congrats to everyone who took the course!

 and I hope to see everyone at regular practices.



Learn to Fence!

Like to learn how to fence? Our beginners course starts this Wednesday 9PM in the Norm Fenn Gym.  Show up and try it out!

Details are here

ODFC 2018

There is an odfc tournament coming up we recommend all new fencers attend.


Free Introduction to Fencing tonight!

We are having our first class of our Introduction to Fencing program tonight in the Norm Fenn Gym @ 9:00 PM.

If you have never tried fencing but want to give it a try show up tonight.  We will give you a turbo tour of fencing as the first class of our beginners class.  If you like it register for the rest of the course, it's $100 for the year includes 8 class course, equipment rental instruction, our tournament entry fee and lots of fun.

Track pants and running shoes required but everything else we supply.  


You can register here:  https://goo.gl/forms/KTmQZYes1UWBe1Im1


Hope you see tonight




First 'Introduction To Fencing' Class Last night

Last night we held our free introduction to fencing class.  We had over 30 people show up and try fencing for the first time.  Lots of fun was had by all.  Hopefully Wesley didn't scare them off and we see them all next Wednesday!. 

If you missed the first class night don't worry you can still show up next Wednesday at 9:00pm in the Norm Fenn gym jump in with the rest of the class.   Just let the instructors or one of the varsity athletes know and they will bring you up to speed.

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